Thursday, 6 August 2015

A Soul Brought Into Existence

I've always been told, if we have to live in this world, we have to work according to the society. And if we don't, we we'll be thrown out like some trash.
What does society tells us?
I'll answer this question.
The society tell us what to do, what decisions to take, how to live.
Society is ironic.
It says that the world should mind it's own buisness but at the very same time it tell every one what their buisness should be about.
It takes decisions for us.
Even the most important decisions are not our own.
And if by mistake, we choose our happiness instead of the society's way to live we are thrown out. As if we don't belong to this world.
 The world decides for you before  you enter it.
And at the end, you end up doing th same- "DECIDING FOR OTHER'S"

Here is a little poem.
Hope you like it.

A Soul Brought Into Existence

A soul brought into existence
Un-acquainted with this worlds appearance
Identical to the moonlight
The little soul is pure and bright
Oblivious to the kindness
And beastly acts lead by blindness
Is engrossing a journey to life
But would desire his own way to survive
Born where he can't take decisions
Is told to follow others vision
He is taught each day
But ne'er allowed to learn
He knows to yearn
But not how to earn
Will grown up, into
Somebody he has ne'er known
In order to carve out the best
The world would make him like the rest
That desire and fire, will be lost
And his life will be the cost.

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