Monday, 3 August 2015


Freedom is a big thing. Who doesn't crave for it.
Even  a brainless creature when placed in a cage tries to get out of it. And why should it not do that. Everyone on this earth wants to live the way they want. 
But ever wondered about those creatures who are forbidden to live just because they are way to much enchanting.

Ever seen fishes in an aquarium. Magnificent. Aren't they?
Of course they are. After all it cost their freedom for the decoration of our houses.
It is indeed an irony that everyone craves for their own freedom but when it comes to other's they hardly pay a heed.

This poem is a personification.
But more a metaphor for all creatures who are captured for their beauty.
Hope you like it


A place so small
From my world 
Where I belong
Have I been deprived
From mine own life,For nothing,
 but cruel creatures pride.

I am placed here 
Like a work of art
They come and stare 
And then depart.
Born I was to
Swim In the sea so vast
And here I lay, 
from my own kind outcast

There lay a wall
Which stand so tall
Through which I gaze
Out to a room
Till the very day,
I meet my doom

Ah! Poor me !
Will I ever revive
To my own life
For nothing, but mine own
Way to survive.   
                             By- Shivani Pal

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