Sunday, 25 October 2015

Be a LADY.

Every girl has story of how she turned into a lady.
She was barely 2 when she was given a Barbie doll to play with. And when she went to a toy shop, she saw a bat and ball. She asked her father - 'Why can I not play with this?'
'Because you are a girl' was the answer she was given.
In that moment she hated being a girl. She hated not being able do what she liked. And in that moment she realised that not everybody is equal.
She wanted to cross all the lines and all the boundaries. She wanted create a new world where women were given respect.
Seeing the world she realised not every man dominates but the majority holds dominators.
She figured out that -' He who has seen his mother being dis-respected would never dis-respect his wife.'
But there are secrets that this world holds.
Not every boy cares about his mother.
The one who are good are good by heart.
The one who are not are hard to change.
The one who are in the middle do what they are told.
It's not just about boys or men that dominates.
It's also about women who are in power and do not understand pain.
It's also about women who judge other women.
If women can't stand for each other they have no right to ask people stand by them.
Because if being a lady you can't understand pain and calls another girl a slut. You are no lady.
Because lady stands for courage and honour.
And stands against the evil.
And if you turn out to be evil, you are no lady.
Respect each other.
Do not stand to hear another girl being called a slut.
Because it's you who have start and the world would come along.
Be a lady and stand for a lady

Thursday, 22 October 2015

An unlived dream. :)

She wanted to fly like a bird over the clouds. So high that when she looked down, she could see how small this world is for her. Her desire was to touch the clouds and build her own castle on them. But do not mistake her desire for a castle with her greed to become a queen. She never wanted to be a queen and she also never wanted to rule over.
All she wanted was to fly. Fly the way she had dreamed. Fly like there are no limits, not because the sky was endless but because she wished to explore what was beyond the never ending sky.
She believed in destiny but she also believed that she had the power to shape her destiny in her own hands.

Yes! She wanted to be a bird and she wanted to FLY.
Between all her desires and all her dreams, there was a fact that slipped off her mind.
Birds are not allowed to fly in endless sky rather they are kept at place which ends before it begins. 'The Cage'.
There life ends up pleasing the one who owns them and their dreams are devastated before they are built.
But yes. She could struggle to get out of that cage. And she still had the choice to dream.
But another fact was the birds which fly are shot up there in the endless sky.
She could not live but just stay alive.
Her desire to built her own castle died.
She realised even dreaming was a sin.
Either she had to follow or die.
Either she was owned or she was shot to death.
But hope arise. She knew she will fight till she turns into dust pile.
Let her rise. :)