Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Giving up already?

"Was it a tough day?" She was asked.
"Yes. I already feel like giving up" She said in a low voice.
"No, I can not stand the drama.  It's hard to stand when you are disrespected. I can not stand to see myself so vulnerable." She said and left.
She looked at herself in the mirror. SHATTERED
She remembered the first day when she decided to choose her freedom over any other thing. She recalled how confident she was.
She fought for herself for the very first time.
Yes. She was strong.
But time had changed.
She could not relate herself to the woman who was confident, strong, and who fought bravely.
Each person she met, would break her down rather than building her up because she decided to live for herself.
She never thought it would be so tough.
And now that it was she decided to give up.
She walked to her room. And picked her journal up.
The first entry.
"I would stand up for myself no matter how hard it turns out to be. People would break me down. But I will stand up again without anyone's support. I have to be there for myself. And I will be there for myself no matter what phase of life it is"
 She smiled reading her first entry. And she was contended that she did not give up.
She slept knowing that she would not give up.
Yes, she was there for herself when no one was. And she kept her promise of not giving up. Because she knew each day would be a battle ground. And she will have to be ready to fight.
It was not just today's story.
Everyday she thought of giving up. And everyday she was there for herself to assure that she do not fall down.
Yes. It was tough. But she was contended.

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  1. I have only read the things you have written 3 years ago and now I am very excited to read your recent creations. The way you express minute feelings is worth appreciation