Sunday, 10 December 2017


No sign, No hope of bieng alive
No residual trace
Of this life would revive.
Survival was hard to embrace
But, death could not replace
The soul, which was still united
To a body, life was never invited.
It was a fact but more a choice,
Which echoed in a soundless voice
An account of a journey,
Where soul unites with the peace
And body, deep down in the earth cease.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Indian culture?

The irony of today's world is that children are given enough freedom to know and understand what is right and what is wrong for them but when they come up with their own set of ideologies, parents deny to accept them as who they have grown into.
I'm too young to share this post and I understand that anyone reading this right now will think, what does she know about society and it's norms and the culture that India holds?
I have an idea that I know probably more than any of those who think think they know culture a little too well.
It is said that the very first civilization of India was a matriarchal society and women was know as the mother goddess. Later in early Vedic period, women were not forced to get married. They could choose who so ever they want as their life partner or could remain single if they wanted to. I don't want to sound  like a typical modern world feminist because that is offensive to most people out there who don't understand the meaning of feminism. So, just to be mosr clear i want to add, what ever i said right now goes both ways. For both men and women.
Speaking of caste our Vedas have mentioned Varna Vyastha. Varna for those who don't know, Varna means. "Colour".
Caste came as as thing when society started to degrade itself. When dharmashastra mentioned codes of conduct for society,  which suppressed women for their right to make any decision of their life.
What is more ironic than an inscription mentioning "women don't deserve freedom" and "Almighty lives where women is respected."
I don't want to make this post all about women, because it is not about them. It's about the society that suppress people under its traditional norms. It is about people who ruined Indian culture to it's very core and now they want to preserve the worst form of it.
People often tell me, I'm not very traditional and cultural and I don't understand society and the way it works.
To those people I'd like to ask, what culture is to not let two people be with each other?
What culture is it to set apart to people who have made it through the time alot of people can not?
What culture is it to separate two people who held on to each through the worst times?
What culture is it to tell people they cannot do what the want to do.
What you do and what you know is not Indian culture. It's your understanding of how Indian culture should be.
It's your mind that isn't capable to understand how vast and unique Indian culture is.
Otherwise, why do we pray Goddess Sati and Lord Shiva.
Don't say you are doing it preserve the traditions, because the traditions that you are preserving don't depict India. They depict you.

Tuesday, 23 February 2016


She was a mystery.
Her actions differ from what she said. Her wants never reflected her needs. Her thoughts were miles away from what she was. Her true self did never come out but She seemed a nice person. Knowing her made me realize, She was not what she seemed to be. She was a mystery She herself could not understand. She was a puzzle Of which pieces were lost. She does not what she says. She says not what she wants. She wants not what she needs. She needs not what she desires. She desires not what she gets. She was a mystery too hard on herself And a lot too hard to understand. The more I tried to solve the more I was tangled. The more I wanted to know The least she wanted to tell. I would solve her and reach her Enlighten her with her own self. She needs to know, Mysteries are always fascinating and I was drawn to that fascination.

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Giving up already?

"Was it a tough day?" She was asked.
"Yes. I already feel like giving up" She said in a low voice.
"No, I can not stand the drama.  It's hard to stand when you are disrespected. I can not stand to see myself so vulnerable." She said and left.
She looked at herself in the mirror. SHATTERED
She remembered the first day when she decided to choose her freedom over any other thing. She recalled how confident she was.
She fought for herself for the very first time.
Yes. She was strong.
But time had changed.
She could not relate herself to the woman who was confident, strong, and who fought bravely.
Each person she met, would break her down rather than building her up because she decided to live for herself.
She never thought it would be so tough.
And now that it was she decided to give up.
She walked to her room. And picked her journal up.
The first entry.
"I would stand up for myself no matter how hard it turns out to be. People would break me down. But I will stand up again without anyone's support. I have to be there for myself. And I will be there for myself no matter what phase of life it is"
 She smiled reading her first entry. And she was contended that she did not give up.
She slept knowing that she would not give up.
Yes, she was there for herself when no one was. And she kept her promise of not giving up. Because she knew each day would be a battle ground. And she will have to be ready to fight.
It was not just today's story.
Everyday she thought of giving up. And everyday she was there for herself to assure that she do not fall down.
Yes. It was tough. But she was contended.

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Be a LADY.

Every girl has story of how she turned into a lady.
She was barely 2 when she was given a Barbie doll to play with. And when she went to a toy shop, she saw a bat and ball. She asked her father - 'Why can I not play with this?'
'Because you are a girl' was the answer she was given.
In that moment she hated being a girl. She hated not being able do what she liked. And in that moment she realised that not everybody is equal.
She wanted to cross all the lines and all the boundaries. She wanted create a new world where women were given respect.
Seeing the world she realised not every man dominates but the majority holds dominators.
She figured out that -' He who has seen his mother being dis-respected would never dis-respect his wife.'
But there are secrets that this world holds.
Not every boy cares about his mother.
The one who are good are good by heart.
The one who are not are hard to change.
The one who are in the middle do what they are told.
It's not just about boys or men that dominates.
It's also about women who are in power and do not understand pain.
It's also about women who judge other women.
If women can't stand for each other they have no right to ask people stand by them.
Because if being a lady you can't understand pain and calls another girl a slut. You are no lady.
Because lady stands for courage and honour.
And stands against the evil.
And if you turn out to be evil, you are no lady.
Respect each other.
Do not stand to hear another girl being called a slut.
Because it's you who have start and the world would come along.
Be a lady and stand for a lady

Thursday, 22 October 2015

An unlived dream. :)

She wanted to fly like a bird over the clouds. So high that when she looked down, she could see how small this world is for her. Her desire was to touch the clouds and build her own castle on them. But do not mistake her desire for a castle with her greed to become a queen. She never wanted to be a queen and she also never wanted to rule over.
All she wanted was to fly. Fly the way she had dreamed. Fly like there are no limits, not because the sky was endless but because she wished to explore what was beyond the never ending sky.
She believed in destiny but she also believed that she had the power to shape her destiny in her own hands.

Yes! She wanted to be a bird and she wanted to FLY.
Between all her desires and all her dreams, there was a fact that slipped off her mind.
Birds are not allowed to fly in endless sky rather they are kept at place which ends before it begins. 'The Cage'.
There life ends up pleasing the one who owns them and their dreams are devastated before they are built.
But yes. She could struggle to get out of that cage. And she still had the choice to dream.
But another fact was the birds which fly are shot up there in the endless sky.
She could not live but just stay alive.
Her desire to built her own castle died.
She realised even dreaming was a sin.
Either she had to follow or die.
Either she was owned or she was shot to death.
But hope arise. She knew she will fight till she turns into dust pile.
Let her rise. :)

Wednesday, 26 August 2015


It's a hipocratic world we are living. Were we talk about right and wrong and good and bad. We tell others not to do wrong things but we ourselves do the same.
I've seen people talking of kindness. And I have also seen then performing the acts of the so called kindness.
I've heard how they they talk when they see a poor handicapped. I've seen how they react when a poor little lad beg them for money.

So, here is a TRIBUTE to all those who talk about kindness but ne'er in their whole life have done a single kind thing.


Their tounge do not get tired
Speaking of humanity
Which is un-wired
Form task they do
And acts they perform
Holds a difference in a form
They say not what they think would say
Spoken words lies far away
from thoughts built up in mind
Are malacious, nowhere near to kind
Hipocracy runs in their veins
And a world were irony rains
They talk among seeing a handicapped
"Oh poor fellow! In life he is trapped"
He comes to them begging for a penny
For a meal for the day to fill his belly
"The loon asks like we have his money
Foolish person! Go find some other body"
Yes he is trapped in a lunatic world
Where personality  is measured in costly jewels
Where kindness lay on the verge
To extinction it would soon merge
Oh! Wise old man find some way
Oh! Almighty  bring that day
Where humanity rules their heart
And all the heart throbbing sorrows would depart.

                                                                                       By: Shivani Pal